Saturday, November 3, 2012

2012, NOV 6 :'DD

Annyeong Haseyo...

wooots! hye eberybodyyyy~ agagagaga :3 fuhhh fuhh *tiup habuk kat blog nie* kekeke. dah bertahun ouh tak update blog. >< *cissss. tipu. berbulan je :P* sedikit malas untuk meng'update blog :'( well, kalau rasa nak update. me update lahh. kekeke :P

*intro panjang berjela ><* okay2. go to main topic. hehehe. 2012, NOV 6 = 06.11.2012. What happen..?? heummm........

yeap ! Kpop Storm Live In Malaysia !!!! XD well, ofc i'm excited because SHINee will be in that concert ! this is the 1st time SHINee come to Malaysia. yeap. 1ST TIME ! i must go no matter what happen. i want to meet my oppas :')) really thankful because my family give me the permission to go there. :)) this is the 1st concert i will attend . :') tskkk. feel like wanna cry. SHINee will be in Malaysia. omooo T^T

- Video : Greeting From SHINee -

i'm sooo happy when Onew said, "Malaysia" .. finally ....i can hear it from SHINee... yes. i'm crying. T^T happy tears :')) oppaaaa~! you guys will LOVE MALAYSIA ! <3333 p="p">

ONEW OPPA ~! seems like u're soooo excited to come to Malaysia. am I right..?? hehehe. i'm excited too.. :'DD

till then,, SEE YOU THERE ! ANNYEONG~~~ ^^

KpopStorm Official FB :

3 Days to go :')
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