Saturday, May 13, 2017

Sugar Treats 2017 by Adiwangsa Event

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Annyeong Haseyo... 

Date: 13 MAY 2017 (Saturday)
Venue: Red Carpet Avenue, Strand Mall, Kota Damansara
Time: 10:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.

Sugar Treats 2017 is a festival that will be organized by final year students of University Technology Mara (UiTM Puncak Alam) from Bachelor (Hons.) of Event Management better known as Adiwangsa Event.

The event will provide a variety of confectionery products such as candies, desserts, chocolates, lollipops, cookies, ice-cream and many more. This event will provide opportunities to the visitors to experience variety types of confectionery under one roof. Sugar Treats 2017 will have lots of attractive activities that will enliven the atmosphere such as vendors, sharing tips about sweets, interesting games, lucky draw and performances from local artiste.

The most important thing, this event is providing opportunity for visitors to do charity. Throughout this event, an amount of fund will be collected to be contributed to Sekolah Bimbingan Jalinan Kasih. The organizer of this event want to give a contribution to the community by doing this kind of charity.

The event will also give opportunities to the local entrepreneurs or any kind of new local brand in the confectionery industry to promote and give exposure to the public about their product. Other than that, the vendors can participate in a competition to show their talents of making homemade sweets. In addiction, Sugar Treats 2017 will give the good environment to the visitors for them to spend time with their family and friends with the beautiful surroundings of colourful theme.


Do bring your family and friends to have a sweet day in our event. Datang okay. Free jee. ^_^ And ohhh! Come and join our competitions! And also, please help me spread this event around okay. thank you in advanced. Hope to see you guys there ;)

Selling cake / cupcake / cookies / ice-cream / donuts / desserts / beverages and other confectionery products? Do contact our person in charge in the banner above if you're interested to join as vendors/foodtruck. You may also leave your contact number in the comment box, we'll contact you as soon as possible. :)


We are also looking for potential sponsors. Interested in becoming one of the sponsors for this event? Any amount much appreciated. Do contact me at 014-2468392 (Fyna) . To whatsapp, just click here - Whatsapp Fyna - or e-mail me at . I'll explain further on the benefits you'll get if you become our sponsor.


Thursday, May 4, 2017

Sweetlicious Bloglist Melabuhkan Tirai

Annyeong Haseyo... 

Tajuk kemainnn. Hahaha. Alhamdulillah, [Segmen] Sweetlicious Bloglist #SugarTreats2017 telah selamat melabuhkan tirainya semalam. Baru sempat nak update entry sekarang. Thank you so much dekat 17 Bloggers yang join this segmen. my first segmen dalam masa yang singkat. Mengharapkan 20 penyertaan, tapi dapat 17 je. It's okay. Maybe next time better. 

Disebabkan penyertaan tidak mencukupi 20, so, no RM20 untuk the lucky one😭 Takpe, sebagai tanda penghargaan, Fina akan selalu jenguk blog yang dalam Sweetlicious Bloglist ni, dan klikklik tabung yang ada 😊 

Mungkin ada hadiah misteri in the future? Not sure yet. Kalau ada, I'll update lepas Sugar Treats 2017 nanti okay. Stay tunedπŸ˜‰

Yang belum tahu, Fina anjurkan segmen ni bersempena dengan event Final Year Project kelas Fina; Sugar Treats 2017. Once again, nak jemput korang datang THIS EVENT. Datang ramai-ramai tau, ada banyak aktiviti nanti. πŸ˜€

Yang nak blogwalking, boleh terjah ruang bloglist di sidebar blog ni or just klik link dekat bawah ni:

Selamat blogwalking!




Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Menang GA "I Love Blogging With Sis Hawa & Her Sponsors"

Annyeong Haseyo... 

Alhamdulillah. menang GA "I Love Blogging With Sis Hawa & Her Sponsors". dapat topup RM5 disaat memerlukan kredit. mehehehe. Macam dah lama tak menang GA, luck no.33 mungkin. Join pun last minutes. Thankyou sis Hawa yang menganjurkan GA ni dan terima penyertaan super last minutes iols. heheh. and thanks Abam Kie yang merupakan salah seorang sponsor πŸ˜ƒ
Luck no 33 πŸ’•

dah diterima πŸ˜€
Tahniah buat semua pemenang πŸ˜‰

Monday, May 1, 2017

Segmen Bloglist by Saghah

Annyeong Haseyo...

Ada seminggu lagi. jom ramai-ramai join support Saghah πŸ˜ƒ ada hati misteri untuk top referral . klik banner di atas untuk join ya πŸ˜‰

Welcome May #SelamatHariPekerja

Annyeong Haseyo... 
Pejam celik pejam celik, dah masuk bulan 5. First of all, selamat hari pekerja buat semua pekerja. Teruskan memberi perkhidmatan yang terbaik walau apa pun kerja korang. Hmm. ada apa ya bulan 5 ni selain dari hari pekerja? 😏 ada.......

πŸ• 🍫 πŸͺ 🍩 SUGAR TREATS 2017 !🍦 🍬 🍭 🍹

heheheh. my final year project with beloved Adiwangsa. Nak tahu lebih detail pekebenda Sugar Treats ni..sila klik link di atas ya. Terima Kasih :) please do come and support us!

Next are Mothers' Day and Teachers' Day. Hari-hari is hari ibu and hari guru en. Kita boleh berterima kasih kat diorang even bukan on these day. But, still, make it a little special for your loves one on this specific day. Tak salah kan? πŸ˜‰

May this May be good to all of us. May this May bring more happiness and success to all of us. May this May be better than last month. Keep going forward to chase your dreams. have a sweet day, peeps. πŸ’•


Sunday, April 30, 2017

[Segmen] Sweetlicious Bloglist #SugarTreats2017

Annyeong Haseyo...
3 MAY 2017 ; 11:59 PM

Hai semua. bersempena dengan Sugar Treats 2017 yang bakal berlangsung lebih kurang 2 minggu je lagi, Fina nak buat satu segmen diberi nama "Sweetlicious Bloglist" . First time buat segmen. Hope ada yang join. heheh.

Bloglist ni akan kekal sampai akhir tahun dan semua yang join akan tersenarai dalam "Sweetlicious Bloglist". Syarat-syaratnya simple je. check it out! ;)

Syarat-syarat penyertaan:

1. Follow & Like Sugar Treats 2017 : Instagram | Twitter

2. Boleh pilih antara dua ni (buat salah satu):
    - Buat entry di blog 🍭 bertajuk Segmen Sweetlicious Bloglist #SugarTreats2017 ,
      Sertakan banner ke dalam entry anda,
      Backlink semula ke blog ini.

    - Share this event to your FB wall πŸ© >
      (kalau berminat nak attend, click 'Going' okay^^)

3. Submit penyertaan anda di ruang komen seperti format berikut
              Link entry / Link FB (or kedua-duanya):

Syarat ke-3.. yang buat dua-dua ; entry blog + share event di fb - akan berpeluang memenangi wang tunai RM20 as a token. Fina buat cabutan bertuah nanti, manual punya, bukan guna pokcik random. :)

Yang dah tersenarai dalam "Love from another star" pun boleh join. mungkin korang berpeluang menang cash tu..? :D




Thank you, sweet people. Have a sweet day! 🍭

Saturday, April 15, 2017

I Love Blogging With Sis Hawa & Her Sponsors

Annyeong Haseyo... 
click banner to join
Apa yang menyebabkan saya saya berasa seronok untuk terus menulis blog?

Apa ya sebabnya yang membuatkan seorang 'Blogger Chipsmore' (kejap ada, kejap hilang) ini terus bertahan di sini? Walaupun kadang-kadang hiatus kejap, tapi in the end, masih kembali ke sini. Since 2009 and counting......

Sebabnya, I love this blog soooo much! I keep my memories here. Seronok untuk terus menulis sebab kalau simpan memory dekat sini, at least, taklupa terus. So, bila terasa rindu, boleh scroll-scroll buat throwback memory yang tak mungkin berulang kembali. ecehh. heheh. Sebab lain diri ini masih seronok untuk menulis blog adalah kerana rasa happy bila share something I love with other people. Lagi happy bila dapat feedback dari readers. Tu membuatkan diri ni semangat lagi untuk publish next entry. Walaupun entry blog ni majority ke arah personal, tapi, I'm trying to improve cara penulisan. Besides, dapat kenal kawan-kawan blogger lain yang super friendly.

Extra! Lagi seronok nak menulis bila tengok nuffnang meningkat dari hari ke hari. Hahah. tu bonus. Okay, sampai sini je lah dulu. kang panjang sangat, bosan plak. Hehehe. byebye~

Eh one more! I love blogging with sis hawa and her sponsors. walapun baru jumpa blog sis hawa sebab ga ni, but already feel the love. gitewww πŸ’— hehe. k, bye for realπŸ˜„

last minute gila join. hope masih diterima penyertaan ini. toodless~~

Mini Giveaway By Wawa

Annyeong Haseyo... 

DUE : 30 APRIL 2017
Jom ramai-ramai join! banyak masa g. heheheh^^

Monday, January 23, 2017

Day #19: Gambar Tulisan Jawi

Annyeong Haseyo... 

Wow. Task hari ni lain dari lain. Heeee. Suka tulisan jawi, tapi maap laa, tak cantik sangat. Tulisan Fina memang yang biasa pun tak berapa nak cantik. Tapi takdelah cakar ayam. Heheh. So, nah...


Sunday, January 22, 2017

Day #18: Kenangan Manis

Annyeong Haseyo... 

Kenangan Manis? Hmm. Apa eh? *fikir sejenak* Okay. Decided. Kenangan manis Fina is dapat apa yang Fina nak. Is that okay? Tak okay pun, okay kan jugak! Sila baca sampai habis. Eh..Paksa plak. Hahahah. Sorry2 πŸ˜ƒ

Let's start. Lepas UPSR, Fina nak masuk one of the best high school dekat Perlis, Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Derma. Tak tahu? Sila Google. Hahaha. Nak sangat masuk to the point Fina tak mohon sekolah lain. Nak masuk SMKD, kena lepas ujian dulu. Alhamdulillah, Fina lepas. First batch. Bersyukur sangat. Sebab nak sangat SMKD? Hmm. Ntah. Maybe sebab Fina tak suka asrama.. So, takdapat masuk sekolah asrama penuh pun, masuk sekolah yang kedua terbaik kat Perlis pun okay. mindset masa tu. heheheh.

Lepas tu, masa menengah atas, Fina pilih Accounting. Nak ICT sebenarnya. Tapi disebabkan kena hadap Physic and Chemis, Fina lupakan je ICT. Well, tahu limit diri sendiri. Fina tahu Fina takboleh bawak subjek Sains Tulen. Lagipu,minat kira-kira, so why not amek accounting? Like that, I became a 'budak account'. Heheh.

Sebab tu, lepas SPM, Fina mohon course Accounting dekat Matrik and course Business Studies kat UiTM. Akaun and business takbanyak lari kan. hehehe. Alhamdulillah, dapat tawaran from both side. Tapi, of course kena pilih salah satu. Kalau baca entry fina sebelum-2 ni, mesti dah tau Fina pilih apa kan? Hehehe. Yes, Diploma in Business Studies @ UiTM menjadi pilihan hati. Again, sebab tahu limit diri sendiri. Kalau matrik tempoh dia sekejap je, Fina sedar diri, a bit slow learner, takut terbabas, once again, let go. Business Studies was my first choice anyway. so why not? ^_^ Alhamdulillah, dah grad pun.

And currently, tengah struggle nak habiskan degree life. Ijazah Sarjana Muda Pengurusan Majlis. Again, my first choice. Kawan-kawan DBS lain pilih Financing, Marketing, IB....but here I am, with Event. nak Finance, tapi again and again, Fina tahu limit diri sendiri. Plus, masa tu, dah start fall in love dengan event. So, I chose Event Management. And I'm happy with my decision. :)

Tu lah, kenangan manis, dapat semua my first choice. Besides, I learned to take challenge, go for my dream, learned to let go.... 😊

Friday, January 20, 2017

Giveaway New Year 2017 by

Annyeong Haseyo...

Giveaway New Year 2017 by bermula pada jam 12.00 malam 17 Januari 2017 hingga 11.59 malam 31 Januari 2017Menawarkan pelbagai hadiah menarik untuk dimenangi oleh para peserta. Senarai hadiah ada di SINI...

Semua blogger dijemput join untuk menyertai Giveaway ini.

Syarat - syaratnya :

1. Wajib Follow Blog Sponsor

2. Wajib Like Fanpage Sponsor

3. Wajib Follow Instagram Sponsor

4. Tambah Google Plus Sponsor
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5. Buat entri bertajuk Giveaway New Year 2017 by

6. Copy coding yang telah disediakan dan paste kan ke dalam ruangan HTML dan Publish entri.

7. Tinggalkan URL entri anda ke dalam ruangan komen INI

9 pemenang bertuah akan dipilih dan keputusan pemenang akan diumumkan pada
2 Februari 2017
Good Luck !!


Day #16: My Nicknames

Annyeong Haseyo... 

List Nama Samaran. Ahhaa! Ni cheq suka ni. Hahaha. Kalau korang baca Siapa Edrina? Mesti korang dah tahu my nicknames kan? Dalam entry first day untuk challenge ni, Fina ada cakap, dari nicknames ni, Fina dapat tahu dari mana orang start kenal diri ini. Eceh.. So, dalam entry ni, Fina state nicknames sekali siapa yang panggil nick tu. check it out! ;)

  • Edrina (mostly untuk urusan formal like; lecturers plus some of my friends and customers)
  • Dina (schoolmates)
  • Fyna (UiTM classmates, online friends, and rakan-rakan bloggers)
  • Ed (Classmates time dip yang takdapat terima perubahan Edrina jadi Fina. HAHAHA)
  • Kakak (family)
  • Dinew (some of friends in the fandom)
  • Kak Cik/Adik Ina (cousins)

Dalam banyak2 nama samaran, Fina paling suka orang panggil my real name. Susah nak dengar, bila dengar orang panggil Edrina, jadi excited. hehehe. And oh!! Don't call me 'Rina' please! like seriously...please...DON'T! Ntah kenapa, even it is part of my name, rasa macam weird. Hahaha. Kalau, nak bunyi Rina tu, please panggil Edrina terus or kalau nak ringkas sangat, you can call me Ina...not Rina please. Well yeah, lagi prefer Ed dari Rina. Hehehe. settle Day #16. yeay! XD


Thursday, January 19, 2017

Day #15: Wallpapers

Annyeong Haseyo... 

Wallpaper phone @ laptop. Salah satu ek? Haih la, geram dengan diri sendiri dengan task simple pun susah nak faham. Hahaha. Letak je lah dua-2 ye

Wallpapers Laptop
my family
Yonghwa Seohyun

Wallpapers Phone

Fangirl t'serlah? Heheheh. Wallpapers ni tukar ikut mood. Tapi SHINee tu dah lama, sebab suka gambar tu. and I'm so inlove with YongSeo, my laptop wallpaper+phone lock screen both their pics. Siapa layan Kpop, kenal lah diorang ni^^ SHINee, CNBLUE, Girls Generation.
And a pic with my family during my diploma convocation day. Letak as lock screen laptop sebab setiap kali nak bukak laptop, nampak muka diorang dulu, my ultimate semangat. Ingat balik hari convo diploma, and feeling motivated untuk terus sado menempuh hari-hari degree ni. Too bad dalam gambar ni takde kaklong and anak sedara fina sorang lagi :( hope all of my family members will be there on my 2nd convocation....

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Wordless Wednesday #15

Annyeong Haseyo... 

Moga terhibur malam2 rabu ni. ahahahahah XD

Day #14: Media Sosial Saya

Annyeong Haseyo... 

Dalam banyak-banyak task, yang ni paling senang rasanya. Takperlu fikiran yang banyak. ahahaha. check it out! Add as friend or Follow or Like lah yer kalau sudi. Kekeke

Instagram - @nuredrina 

Facebook - Nur Edrina Zulkafli

FB Page - iamFyna | Blogspot

Twitter - @nurEdrina
Ada sesetengah time, I do fangirling a lot on my social media. Hehe. So, follow at your own risk ye. Hahaha. Kalau follow ig/twitter, please mention me okay? :) annyeong!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Day #13: 10 Perkara Disukai dan Tidak

Annyeong Haseyo... 

10 Perkara Disukai
- Photography
- Events
- Music
- Masak kimbap (Korean rice roll)
- Blogging
- Cycling
- Running Man
- K-pop / K-drama
- Handphone with Internet access 😜
- Makan

10 Perkara Tidak Disukai
- Buat orang tunggu
- Idea ditolak mentah-mentah
- Kena marah depan orang ramai
- "No Service" (line phone.hahaha)
- Snap pic orang cantik, orang snap pic kita mcm πŸ’© ..hahahaha
- Dipaksa
- Budget lari LOL
- Being ignored
- Lambat
- Low wifi connection

Malas nak ulas panjang-panjang, kang korang takbaca plak. hahaha. So, listkan je. Peace yaw. Done task day #13! wohooo. Buat awal sebab nak gi meeting plak ni. phew. Oh! Task Day #12 hold kejap buat sementara waktu. cheq taktau nak cerita apa since as for now, takpernah ada pengalaman seram, mintak simpang malaikat 44. Hmm. Thats all! Jumpa esok~ bye!^^


Planner & Calendar Giveaway

Annyeong Haseyo... 

Menariknya planner tu. Another GA yang due date 23 January 2017. Siapa nak cuba nasib besides support GA rakan blogger, sila klik banner di atas yea. Syaratnya sangat simple. All the best! :)

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