Monday, August 19, 2013

RACE START! in MALAYSIA !!! :D (Running Man Fanmeeting Asia Tour 2013)

Annyeong Haseyo...


Official Promo Video

they speak malay ! omg ! *faint* hehehe. plusss.... "Kami Cinta Malaysia!" omg omg omg !

Official Poster

Seating Plan

grab your tickets faster, guysss ! ;))) 
Ticket Available at Ticket Charge !
more info :: Big Pocket FB

hmmmm. i can't go. money not enough. plus...if i go...i need to bring my dongsaeng. meybe i should try to win 2 tixs..?? heheh. lets see if i'm lucky. lol. anyone that will go.... have funnn! and take care!! snap a lott of pix ne..? heeee.. Running Man PD-nim~~~ thanks bcoz choose Malaysia. like finally. heeee. hmmm. later....please filming RM here nee...? we have a lot of places! ^^ Enjoy your visit. -MalaysiaRunner-

- my entry on the past June 1, 2013 (the news still not confirm that time) -
Running Man Is Coming to Malaysia !

Activities: 2 hours full fan meet

Cast: 6 Running Man members (about who is coming and not coming still not confirm)

Date: 21st September 2013

Venue: Still not confirm

Tickets: RM680, RM480, RM280, and RM180.

*It will not be a Running Man filming but for fan meeting.

**The organizer has set the date and tickets prices but the venue still not confirm yet. 


serious. i really wanna go. this is what i've waiting for. if i can't go....i'm really gonna cry. like how i cry when....SHINee & CNBLUE come to Malaysia before but i can't meet them. ㅠㅠ this time. Running Man. jeongmalyo~ i really want to go... is on 21t SEPTEMBER !! (what i've read) ㅠㅠㅠㅠ i'm hurt. that is my special date every year. if i can meet Running Man members....wahhh. it'll be the best bday gift this year ! tskkk.. i'll bring my dongsaeng with me if i can go. jeball~ really wish i can go. guyss....pray for me ?? ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Jihyo & Gary
i really really want to meet all Running Man cast. but...the mosstttttttt cast that i wanna meet is...Monday Couple ! i love them damn much you know ?? hehehe. serious.

maybe the real version of this pic coming soon ! hehehehe. finally guys ! finally ! They will come to our country ! Malaysian Runners have been waiting for a longgg time. hoho. hope, they will love Malaysia ^_^ and...hope i can go to the fanmeeting. wish me luck. TuT

lets wait for the next news about this. till then...annyeong! :*

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