Wednesday, January 25, 2012

YongShin Vs. YongSeo

Annyeong Haseyo ^^ hmm~ YongShin Vs. YongSeo ...... 


Ofc I choose YongSeo . FOREVER ! xD Wae ? read my reasons below ^^

Hmm. I admit, I know YongShin (YongHwa+ShinHye) 1st trough the drama You’re Beautiful. I like them to be together. 

But… I frust when the ending of You’re Beautiful, Go Mi Nam go to Tae Kyung, not Shin Woo.

 My friend said,  don’t be sad or frust. Because YongHwa is not the main hero. So, its okay if he didn’t get Go Mi Nam. Andwae ! Shin Woo know ‘he’ is a girl 1st ! Shin Woo love her  1st ! I can’t accept the ending till know. Hahaha. Weird eyh ? I don’t even know why I be like this. Keke. While the frust feeling is not go yet from my heart…I watch We Got Married YongSeo Couple. 

Awww~ jjinja ! I really really really really LOVE them be together.  From Episode 1 to Episode 2 .. Episode 2 to Episode 3 .. and so onn~~~ my love for YongSeo keep increasing and never decrease. Till now! ^^ finally, I’ve move my heart from YongShin to YongSeo. I love to see my bias, Jung Yong Hwa with Seo Joo Hyun. They’ve shared a lot of 1st Moments together ^^ and They’re a pure couple, innocent couple.. not like another couple. xD I like to see they always try to take care of each other and worried to each other.  I also like to see their cute jealousy. Jealous is a normal case in a relationship.  ;)

 after WGM, I watch You’ve Fallen For Me

I love the story. ^^ but, my heart still at YongSeo. xD 

even tho their marriage just only in the show .. their story is real, there were no script and what they do, not as planed as in drama or film. Most important thing, they always make me smile.make me crying also. Hee~ ,  I YONGSEO !  

so, the conlusion, YongShin Vs. YongSeo …….. my favourite is YongSeo Couple ! J 

oh! it doesn’t mean I hate YongShin or Park Shin Hye. Aniya !  I DON’T HATE YongShin or Park Shin Hye oke ?  I just want to see  YongSeo be together. That’s all. don’t misunderstood ! arasso ?? ;)

my hope ::
- the two of them (YongHwa oppa&SeoHyun unnie) can get married in real life. ^^ *YONGSEO*
- *YongShin* is just a bestfriend. Not more than that J Park Shin Hye unnie is a good friend I think, she know her friend very well ;)  ehem! I just Love ShinWoo+MiNam & LeeShin+KyuWon be a couple, not YongHwa+ShinHye.. keke xP

#YongSeo Forever!  ♫
#YongSeo Everlasting~!  
#YongSeo Couple │ Goguma Love

**Sorry for my broken English.

i miss them T.T

21 Stars Talking:

Iman Hakimah said...

I love YONGSHIN more ! Start from He's beautiful then Heartstrings ! Foerever YongShin ! I tried to accept YongSeo but I totally can't ! Huks ! <3 Although I know , Yonghwa said he and Shin Hye are best friend like he's with his others members but totally totally jinjja jinjja jinjja chomal chomal chomal I only can accept YongShin ! Awww~ Thats why I can't watch WGM YongSeo until now T.T (This is what I feel , don't be depressed):P

shaz said...

Yana tag awk untuk join bloglist nie....

Anonymous said...

minat korea yee ! hihi ^-^

Syahidae said...

i would choose YongSeo CP.. hehehehe =D

Edrina Zulkafli said...

@Iman Hakimah everyone have their own interest. so, i accept what you said and i respect it. :)

@yana thanx :)

@Yasmin Aris ♥ yup ! minat sangat xD

@nunakyu90 yeah! YongSeo Forever !! xD

Anonymous said...

I agree that Yongahin was first, but Yonghwa and Seohyun make a very cute couple I mean they matches well. Park shin hye is also very pretty but yonghwa only think of shin hye as a friend vise versa ahin hye only see yonghwa as a friend too

Ji-eun said...

i love yongshin more.. Sorry.. Yongshin is more real for me.. friends can be lovers too yknow. :))
WGM is scripted fyi.. all shows in TV are scripted (half scripted for reality shows) but the point is it is scripted... only news are not :DD
Yongshin are better cause they are natural oncam and offcam. Yongseo just do it for money (WGM is a show, they got paid for it)

Titantya Zone said...

I love yongshin harder <3
I try to love Yongseo but I can't, I watched every episode of WGM, but I couldn't find their chemistry. I always happy when Yonghwa my bias feels happy stays with shinhye

Edrina Zulkafli said...

@Anonymous Yeap. YongSeo matches well. :'))

@Ji-eun oh. jeongmal?? Yongseo more more more real for me now. okay. let say WGM scripted.. hmm...what happen at KBS MusicBank earlier in 2013..i'm sure that it was not scripted. ;)) well, Yongseo are natural too. oh. you said, Yongseo just do WGM for money. okay. then, at Music Bank again. i'm sure...they are not get paid for their interaction. ;) 2years since the WGM show ended, their relationship still good yknow??? :DDD no need sorry dear, everyone have their own ship. so, dont worry. i'm okay. but, still, i am a Goguma. I love Yongseo! ;)

@Titantya Zone you wanna see their chemistry?? watch all videos that related to their interaction earlier 2013. maybe you can found it in there ?? ;))

Anonymous said...

I LOVE YONGSHIN COUPLE MORE!!!!! I tried to accept YongSEo and tried to find where's the cute in them but IM SORRY! MIANHATA but noooo. Can't just accept the YongSeo Couple..... IM FOREVER YONGSHIN!!

Edrina Zulkafli said...

@Anonymous FYI, just wanna let you know. my main reason loving YongSeo is not because of their cuteness in them ;pp well....enjoyy ur day dear. dont be mad here.. hmmm... I'M FOREVER YONGSEO !!! ;)))

Anonymous said...

hmm ... pedulikan apa Ji Eun cakap coz saya notice dia akan cakap benda yang buruk pada Yongseo kat mana2 portal pasal Yongseo.

kebanyakan yg kutuk Yongseo sama ada belum follow WGM or memang benci kat Seohyun dan tak boleh accept Yonghwa dengan any girl .. trust me

Dari dulu sampai sekarang I'M STILL A PROUD GOGUMA

Edrina Zulkafli said...

@Hyun Ae oh. jeongmal ?? okay then. heee. yeap! agree with you! :D and yes....kita sama... me too... A PROUD GOGUMA XDDDD <3333

asriiysa said...

hey hey... see this video >>

and let's get more spazz about yonghwa :D

deebamosyl said...

Yongseo forever !

Anonymous said...

i love yongshin because i hate seohyun.

Edrina Zulkafli said...

@deebamosyl YS yeongwonhi! ^_^

@Anonymous anon no.1 ...did you read my note at the above of this comment box,..i said, "NO BASH" its equal to "NO RUDE WORDS!" especially to my eonnie -_-' geez. thanks. u make me dislike your sooooo called princess even moreeeee! oh.. btw. who u tell to shut up?? me?? yahh! this is my blog!! up to me laa want to say anything punnnn! pfft.

@Anonymous anon no.2. you love yongshin just because you hate our goddess? hahahaahahahahahahaha. let me laugh at you. lol. i love yongseo because they're just super awesome couple! not because i hate shinhye. see the different there?? /smirk/

Anonymous said...

yongseo couple => charm and warm couple like love at the first time ^_^

hope yongseo will be the real couple in the future. aamiin


I always crying at ep. 50-51 ;(

your blog => (y)

benny ajja said...

Na ddo

Anonymous said...

But kdramas r more scripted than tv shows, right?

Anonymous said...

it's ONLY 20% scripted FYI --'

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