Saturday, January 7, 2012

5 Reasons Why We Love SHINee's Leader ...... ONEW.. :)

1. He's Smart.

JH : Onew Hyung studied alone and got 2nd place in the whole school.
MC : Really ?
ONEW : Yes, in my senior year.
... : Do you go to Seoul University ?
... : He graduated.
MC : Ah you graduated already so before you graduated you got 2nd place? So you studied alone ?
ONEW : Yes.
... : Without any tutoring ?
ONEW : I listened to the lecture and studied alone in the library alone.
... : Did you rely on school books ?
ONEW : Yes.
... : Everyone is like that!

* the dot dot ( ... ) , i didnt sure who said it .. mianhae~ hehehe

2. He's a great singer.

3. He's a good leader.

4. He's a hottie !

5. He has the 'Onew Sangtae!' 


there are too many reasons actually ! you will know if you're a shawol xD

yes, Onew Oppa .. we really really really really LOVE you~! please be a good leader .. please be a good hyung to all your dongsaeng [SHINee members] .. do have a lot of sangtae to make everyone around you happy but, remember !!! don't hurt yourself! Shawol do not want to see you fall sick~ please take care of yourself too, oppa :'(

~no one can replace you ~

*picture and video credit to the owner @youtube and tumblr. ;)

mood now : worried :'(

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