Thursday, May 7, 2015

Malaysia Online Shopping

Annyeong Haseyo... 

HYE LOVELY! ;) Love online shopping?? Or new to online shopping?? ha! You must NOT skip this entry!! Wanna know why?? Read till the end okay? ^_^

There will always be women (whisper: even a guy too! hehehe) who bookmark online fashion boutiques on the web, add the latest arrivals of their favourite items to the shopping cart and choose the same-day shipping method – and there, online shopping accomplished! 
But for some of us might enjoy the thrill of the hunt a little bit more. Online shoppers who has been shopping online for years, there are a few TRICKS you need to have under your sleeves along the way. There are a few ticks you need to have in your list of some helpful Malaysia online shopping tricks to get the right size, find the best price and win the game of spending.

These are the awesome tricks for online shoppers need to know before begin the shopping in order to prevent the regret later. ;P check it out!

1. Deals on steals – when you shop online, always do a quick search for online shopping vouchers and you will be surprised with the amount of discounts you might get. With discount, you can afford the things that you might think you're not ;))

2. If you have very small or very large feet, there are many online shopping website in Malaysia that offer extreme sizes like size 5 or 12. You are no longer feeling like being tortured by styles that you can’t have. Small or Big, you can be a fashionista!! ;)

3. Make sure you sign up with newsletters if you happen to like the site. This is the best way to know about pre-order sales, special deals and promotions which the info will be sent to you via email. Simply unsubscribe if the online boutique rarely pique your interest. 

4. With the help of technology, you can shop via mobile apps and not just with your laptop. Which means you can have easy access to the website via the app and shop on the go while waiting for the train or when you are having a relaxing time at the coffee shop. 

5. Use your wishlist to alert you when your favorite items go on sale. This is another good alternative to grab the best discounts offered. 

These simple tricks may be a big help for the online shopping lovers. Enjoy online shopping without feeling sad or regret! hehehe. Have a nice day! And thanks for reading this entry. BYE! ^^

x-tra : Online shopping make our life easier especially for the people who are always busy with their work or studies :)


Monday, May 4, 2015


Annyeong Haseyo... 

haiii guys. lama bebenor tidak update ini blog. berhabuk bersawang dah. tetiba muncul cari sponsor untuk giveaway. hehehe. macam sunyi sangat blog ni, so...terfikir nak anjurkan giveaway.. first giveaway kan..nak buat simple2 je.

sesiapa yang berminat nak sponsor sangat dialu-alukan dengan hati terbuka. ngeee ^_^

barang2 yang diterima
- cash (min: RM10)
- barangan pos
- topup

jika berminat sila
e-mail (ke atau  DM di fanpage [ IamFyna | Blogspot ]
detail berikut ::

Url blog:
Barangan sponsor: 

sebarang pertanyaan juga boleh e-mail or dm je ke fanpage ye. berharap ada yang sudi join sponsor. terima kasih :)

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