Thursday, February 6, 2014

YongShin Couple

Annyeong Haseyo...

why did i post this entry? hmm. because of this >>

they came to my blog through those keywords. hmm. consider you guys are one of my blog i made one entry special for you guys. yeap. this entry. entitled 'YongShin Couple'. ;))

i love them! XD 

yes. yonghwa+jungshin = yongshin.   leader and maknae of CNBLUE. ^^

huahuahua XD what do you expect?? this?

yonghwa+shinhye?? HAHAHA. sorry~ i'm a goguma. i am a yonghwa+seohyun shipper. but, i still be nice. i still give you one pic of your ship. well, because people with good heart are the ultimated winner. kekeke ;p ...yes....i support YongShin...oh. dont get confused. i mean CNBLUE YongShin.  ONLY. no other yongshin for me. mehronggg :P i'm a Boice, ofc i love all my abang biru~~ hahahaha XD

i just love this couple, YongSeo. ^^
oh...again....sorry if this entry not same as your expectation. sorry not sorry guys. wahahaha ;p i didn't have their (you-know-who) story in my blog. i already told you, i'm a YongSeo Shipper right? huhu. btw, the 1st keyword "benci yongseo wgm". benci is malay word. in english, it is ...hate. -_- aigooo. nevermind..... *for those who search YongShin vs. YongSeo. i have it in my blog. < CLICK HERE > .. have a nice day! annyeonggg!

waiting for YongSeo's 2014 moments............

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