Sunday, December 25, 2016

#MyTravelokaEscapade: The Escape to My Dream Destination

Annyeong Haseyo...
South Korea

That is my dream destination. Since around 5 Years ago I guess. Until today, it is still a dream. I always want to go there. Will Traveloka transform it from ‘my dream destination’ to ‘my favorite destination’? I don’t know. I just trying my luck. Mana tau ada rezeki kan. Heheh. Plus, I think this is the right time to share about this dream. Thanks to this contest❤ So, if I ever won a FREE vacation to my dream destination from Traveloka, these are the things I’d do there. Oh! Before that, I’m going to label this dream as K-trip (stand for Korean Trip) 

1.   Viewing Seoul from Namsan Tower (N Seoul Tower)

My K-trip dream start here. Years ago, even before I’m so into Korean thingy... I wanna go here. Namsan Tower which is currently known as N Seoul Tower. From all the pictures I see, the view of Seoul from Namsan Tower especially the night view is super duper beautiful. I want to view it with my very own eyes. Besides, I wanna put my padlock there. That is the mission. Mungkin jugak, boleh fefeeling Gu Jun Pyo and Geum Jan Di (Boys Over Flower). Kekeke

2.   A visit to Busan

I just wanna visit Busan. Walk walk walk and walk around its sandy beach. Also enjoying my favorite view. Sea view. Looking at the sea makes me calm, makes me forget about my problems for a while. It gonna be like the concept of this visit healing time😊 Oh! People always said that it’s such a waste if you didn’t try the seafood at Busan. And I love seafood! So, if I ever got a chance to go to Busan, I don’t want to miss the taste of its fresh seafood.

3. Eat all my favorite Korean foods

I love food you know?! Sapa tak suka makan? Hahaha. Yes, I’ve been eating a lotsss of Korean food here in Malaysia especially during my degree life sekarang ni. But, of course I nak rasa makanan Korea dekat Korea tu sendiri. The feeling going to be different you know. Kimbap, Tteokbokki, Bimbimbap, Jajamyeong, the fishcake and the other street foods there....and many more. Oh my god. Just think about these food make me super excited😍

4. Finding my Loves at SM & FNC Entertainment + Visit SMTOWN Coex Artium
Who are my loves? If you read my blog, you’ll know. Hahahah. Okay sorry. Let me tell you. They are Korean Idols; SHINee, CNBLUE and Girls Generation. Out of lotssss of Korean Idols there, these 3 got my heart. They are the idols under these company. I know I won’t be able to see all of them.  But, it would be still lucky if I can go and just take a selfie in front of the building. Well, I will get a memory of standing in front of my favorite idols’ workplace. A fangirl is a fangirl. You can’t do anything about it. Kekeke 😜

cr: SM Entertainment 
SMTOWN Coex Artium is one-of-a-kind of entertainment space for a fangirl like me. Hahah. I seriously want to go to SUM Café where I can buy my favorite idols’ (SHINee and Girls Generation) goods. 

5. Shopping at Insadong

A great place to buy souvenirs people said. I love souvenirs as it will become a token of memory that I've arrived at the place😁

There are still a lot of things I’d do and places I wanna visit if I go to Korea. But, let me save it for the next posting. Perhaps, the next posting about Korea at my blog will be the story of my K-trip. A real K-trip that is not a dream anymore. Yeap. If Traveloka make this dream come true. Hehehe. Wish me luck!

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