Friday, October 31, 2014

[라이브중] CNBLUE WAVE Arena Tour (Tokyo) - Lee Jonghyun #LiveUpdate

Annyeong Haseyo...

kelmarin 141029 CNBLUE Wave Arena Tour di Tokyo, Japan (Day 1). terkejut tengah scrolling2 insta nampak Jonghyun post video. me was like, "omg omg" ! hahaha. comel ja dia punya expression. ngeeee. keep replaying the videos. hehehe. Trans for 1st video : during live~~~~

click to watch ::

seriously exited. selalu selalu laa update video masa concert cetu ye abang Bakar. walaupun jealous, i'm not there..but still suka update direct dari idol tu sendiri. ngehehe^^ Day 1 Wave Arena Tour in Japan ended successfully. hari ni Day 2 plak. have fun, abang biru and all Boices yang attend ! ;)


2nd day, 141030.. another video from Lee Jonghyun, muehehehe^^

click to watch ::
Trans : Let's run again today!!!!!!!!!!

here my scncap for all the three videos^^ scncap + collage + edits by me! 

thank you for the videos, @cnbluegt . love you laa burning oppa! heee :*

[mood: gedik sebentar] note to mr.Jung. pls make an IG account and post lots of pics and vids like this. adik busan awak ni hot sangat. kita tukar bias kang baru tau. hahaha ;p


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