Thursday, October 23, 2014

[ SNSD Seo Ju Hyun ] my bias created Instagram Account XD

Annyeong Haseyo...


In case you guys didn't know..let me tell you.. I'm a fangirl of SHINee (SHINee World), CNBLUE (Boice) and Girls Generation (Sone). Dafi? yes. ofc I'm a Dafinites. still^^ but, I bet you guys already knew it ;p My bias are Onew (SHINee) , Yonghwa (CNBLUE) and Seohyun (GG).  I'm super duper mega happy when they create sns account. Because thats means I can talk to them directly. well yes, they might not see me because they have lotssss of fansss. but still...who know...someday..? huhu.

saja nak intro in English ;P okay. bias kita yang 3 orang ni memang dah ada twitter account. memang happy giler dorg ada twitter account. entah. rasa macam dekat dengan dorang. boleh tweet2. walaupun chance diorang nak nampak tweet tu macam tipis jea. hehehe

Mr. Skehehdanfdldi

Mr. JYHeffect
Ms. Sjhsjh0628

diorang buat twitter accounts ni pun dah rasa cukup happy dah. walaupun si Onew tu tak selalu tweet. tapi deep inside my heart *wahh.gituuu ;p* berharap jugak diorang buat Instagram account. upload pics ...videos..macam Idols lain. and me boleh laa tag pic kat diorang. hehe. and...its like my dream come true!! Seohyun made an Intagram account!! omg omg! pic 1st sekali dalam entry ni. tu scncap right after me click button "follow" heeee^^

follow even before its confirm. hehe

imma happy fangirl XD

Welcome to IG, Hyun eonnie!! ^^ oh. yes. now, I demand for Jung Yonghwa and Lee Jinki to create an IG account too :3 adik adik CNB Yonghwa dah ada IG account...hyung yang sorang ni je takde lagi -_- buat laa IG Yongg oii. kan hobi upload gambar. hehehe. and Onew...harap2 Key ajar dia buat IG. lol. imagine Onew ada IG...ntah 2-3 bulan sekali kot upload pic :3 tak kisah! janji ada~ hewhew. wait and see je lah kan.

Trans 2nd pic : Freedom is..?
omg. I really adore you, Hyun eonnie. wae you sooo prettyyy T__T

I'll post the other members' sns accounts in another entry. till then...annyeongg! ;)


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