Monday, October 21, 2013

[10 Days Challenge] Day 1:: 10 Secrets

Annyeong haseyo...

what secrets? my secrets? ya ! how can i tell my secrets so publicly like this? aigoo >< hahaha. I'll just tell things about me that most people don't know. kekeke

1 I'm a crybaby (kena marah sikit pun~ sikit je....terus nangis. hehehe)
2 I love make-up (but, i'm not good at it)
3 I can't play badminton (damn yes. nak buat cemana. memang tak reti. tskkkk)
4 I still didn't get my driving license!!! T_T (i'm so sad. most of my friends already got it TuT)
5 I love to sing ( is akward to sing infront of my friends..i'm too shy. plus my voice is not that good)
6 I want to learn how to dance (so that i can dance to SHINee's song.....)
7 I fall in love with someone that farrrr away and....he didnt even know my existence.... TuT
8 I love school/university..i love study.. ( i just hate examination~~~ )
9 I want to have my really own photography studio .. (most of my frien didnt know about this. they will know if they read this)
10 My other name is Seo Yong Ki^^ (SEOJuHyun (SNSD) + JungYONGHwa (CNBLUE) + LeeJinKI = SeoYongKi. kekeke. they are my biased. kekeke ;pppp)

okay . thats all. muahahaha. see you tmr for Day 2. heee. oh! the above pic, idek why i put it in this entry. hahahaha. kbye~ ;p

i'm bored :'(

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