Friday, October 4, 2013

SHINee 5th Mini Album - 'Everybody' [Teaser Image]

Annyeong Haseyo..

Hey ! I'm excited ! SHINee will make a comeback again ! wohoooo! XD ahhhh~ I'm sad too. money eobseo right now. ㅠㅠ mianhae oppars~ i'll be late getting the album. tskkk ㅠㅠ gwaenchana, i'll still buy it even late. oh2! lets check it out the teaser's pic that had been released ;))

Taemin look sooo hawt yoo~ hoho. soooo manly~~~ whatever it is, oppa~ you are still the maknae okay?! SHINee baby. hihihi ;P

Onew. leader-nim! omg oppa~ ur gaze +_+ those eyeliner >_< ermm....that piercing O.o...just for a while right? just for this cb right? i hope so~~~ ahhhh~ you make my heart dugeun-dugeun you know? why so smart?? T_T oh! your hair! kyaaaaaa! XDD i love it ! since the 1st time i saw it. jeongmalyo ^_~ hehehe 

Key oppa! neol~~ look sooo cool. ^^

Minho oppa~ yaaa. this froggie forever handsome. :D

Jonghyun oppa... +_+ aishhh. this guy is almost ruined my bias list +_+ Onew oppa~ help me. why this Dino so hot? i'm gonna fall for him seriously. 하하하 ;p Jjong oppa~ neol~ ahhh. i'm speechless. lol.

and~~~ here come the group image! XDD

woahhh. my SHINee oppadeul look soooo cool + handsome + smart + hot ~~ i'm gonna faint like this :3 for now, really love the concept. hope, it will be another SHINee's great comback :)) really can't wait for their comeback ! ^^

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actually i'm in a down-mood rn. about my final exam. tskkk. ㅠㅠ SHINee cheer me up :')

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