Friday, October 9, 2015

Day 9 : 10 of My Favourite Songs

Annyeong Haseyo... 

  1. Bila Terasa Rindu by Dafi
  2. I'm With You by SHINee
  3. Love Light by CNBLUE
  4. Banmal Song by YongSeo
  5. Cukup Sudah by Dafi
  6. An Encore by SHINee
  7. Cinderella by CNBLUE
  8. Lion Heart by Girls Generation
  9. Deja-Boo by SHINee Jonghyun
  10. Star, You by CNBLUE Yonghwa
I do love lotssss of songssss. especially my favourite singers' (Dafi, SHINee, CNBLUE, Girls Generation) songs.. but these 10 are the top 10 for now^^ I love other singers' songs too but the top10 ofc goes to them. hehehehe. peace :D


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